About us

Smile-Expo: with love to innovations!

"We highlight topics that no one has addressed before, as our goal is not only to create a successful commercial project
but also to promote an educational mission generating interest in a certain scope of activities.
Smile-Expo aims to establish productive business events for cooperation, exchanging experience and innovations."

Exhibition Department Director Anna Lastovka

Smile-Expo is an international company, an organizer of large business events. Smile-Expo keeps its finger on the pulse of global innovations, analyzes markets, predicts promising drives, shares information with friends and associates as well as launches projects throughout new segments that have no equivalents in Russia, or on the whole CIS territory.

We can safely say that Smile-Expo is a flagship of innovations in the field of the exhibition and conference service. The company was the first to draw attention to such promising but not yet sufficiently developed in the CIS fields as affiliate marketing, robotics, 3D technology, cryptocurrency, wearable devices and augmented reality, Internet of Things, mHealth, Connected car and many more.

Smile-Expo has started its way with the interest in advanced products in various sectors of the economy and aims at the creation of projects that would allow companies to keep up with the times. The result is 12 years of the successful work in the market,which inspires professionals of Smile-Expo to organize large-scale exhibitions, conferences, congresses, forums, workshops and webinars.

The company focuses on such areas as:

  • Cryptocurrency;
  • 3D printing and scanning;
  • Augmented and virtual reality;
  • Robotics and advanced technologies;
  • Quantum Technology;
  • Affiliate Programs and Marketing;
  • Gaming industry and eSports;
  • Business in social media, organization of communications;
  • Gambling and entertainment industry;
  • E-cig industry;
  • Innovative technology for growing and cooking;
  • Innovations in space, etc.

Having held successful projects in different countries, we can say for sure that our company globally affects the development of the market (in particular industry) helping it dynamically develop, rapidly implement technology, apply and find ideas, investors and partners.

12 years of Smile-Expo is:

  • over 250 successful events in Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Malta, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Аrmenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan;
  • 5 500 exhibitors from 20 countries;
  • 3 630 speakers from 15 countries;
  • 356 000 visitors.

Our achievements:

  • Bitcoin Conference Russia and Bitcoin Conference Kiev - the largest conferences dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Moscow and Kyiv;
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference – a brand uniting more than 30 blockchain conferences across the globe;
  • Vapexpo Moscow - the largest vaping event in the CIS;
  • Vapexpo Kiev - the most large-scale exhibition dedicated to the vape industry in Ukraine;
  • Robotics Expo - the only international platform dedicated to robotics in Russia;
  • 3D Print Expo - the largest industry event in Eastern Europe dedicated to additive technologies (3D printing);
  • Connected Car Summit – the only summit in Russia dedicated to cross-industry collaboration between heads of companies manufacturing package equipment and participants of connected technology market organized two times in cooperation with NPO GLONASS;
  • Wegame - the only interactive gaming festival in Ukraine;
  • Russian Gaming Week - the only gambling and entertainment exhibition in the CIS;
  • Russian Affiliate Congress and Expo (RACE) - the annual exhibition dedicated to affiliate marketing and affiliate programs;
  • Login Casino magazine - the only print business publication in the CIS highlighting gambling industry events.

Our team

Smile-Expo team is a group of extremely curious, ambitious and passionate people who live their projects learning from the experience of world's leaders in exhibition activities and creating effective platforms for business communications.

We build "bridges" that share common business interests of all participants. That's why our team is traveling from city to city, from country to country to share everything we and our qualified experts know.

We are not afraid of obstacles and confidently set object for the future. This will help Smile-Expo take a position of the leading exhibition company in the CIS and Europe!

Our main goal is to bring people together for the organization of joint business, promote fruitful negotiations and lucrative contracts.

Everything that we do is fulfilled due to the needs of our customers. We strive to earn and keep their trust. Loyalty of exhibitors, business partners and respect of numerous visitors of our exhibitions is the most important for us.


How do we choose speakers for our conferences?

We strive to ensure that each our conference is the most effective business platform for cooperation and sharing experience in the field of innovation. We create successful commercial projects highlighting the most relevant topics and attracting the best speakers from all over the world.

The company and the speaker, registered at the exhibition area or lecture hall, are carefully analyzed following such criteria:

  • The level of the company represented by the speaker, its activities, achievements and value in this industry, recent achievements.
  • Career history of the speaker, his professional activities in the area of ​​interest. We choose opinion leaders who occupy leading positions.
  • Speaker's participation in trending conferences, public speaking proficiency, uniqueness of the topic of the presentation.
  • Media stories about the company and the speaker.
  • The level of interest the host country will show towards the speaker's presentation.

We do our best for you to trust us!


Why do industry leaders become exhibitors of Smile-Expo events?

  • We conduct a deep analysis of the market to confirm our leadership and give you the opportunity to be always one-step ahead of your competitors.
  • After each event, we conduct surveys of exhibitors and visitors to eliminate all the shortcomings and make our event even better in the future!
  • International experience of our teams enables to use the best ideas and trends for the organization of exhibitions and conferences.
  • We know how to find and invite your ideal customer: a unique marketing mix, vast experience and high-quality resources enable us to bring together the target audience in one venue.
  • Smile-Expo mobile application is created specifically for you not to miss any business events on your topics.
  • We have a young and dynamic team working with total efficiency as each of us realizes that we help our clients build business on a new model.
  • The most modern software to support databases and work in the CRM system.
  • Modern convenient and simple websites for each event.
  • Our each exhibition is accompanied by the release of electronic and printed catalogs for all exhibitors and visitors to find each other.
  • We have well-developed groups in the social networks uniting a new generation of professionals in various industries in communities.
  • Our social and educational programs for the employees of the company ensure a high level of professionalism in meeting needs and requirements of our customers.


Mobile technologies

We have developed Smile Expo Events mobile application (English version) for participants and attendees of our events. The application functionality will help keep up with:

  • a schedule of exhibitions and conferences;
  • a program of each event;
  • timing and a place;
  • presentation topics and participant lists.

For Android and iOS.

After all, we work with you and for you!

Create the future with us! Follow our events!


Upcoming exhibitions

Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018

November 22 2018

An annual event on AI in business. The forecast for customer demand and behavior, big data analysis, process automation and other AI-powered tools.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

December 6 2018

The most focused event on the crypto market: latest trends, world's leading crypto experts, top companies and best business cases.

VAPEXPO Moscow 2018

14-15 of December 2018

VAPEXPO MOSCOW is a legendary international exhibition in the CIS dedicated to the vape industry. The event will take place for the eighth time becoming even more impressive than it used to be.

RGW Moscow 2019

6-7 of June 2019

XIII International Gambling and Entertainment Expo-Forum.