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Why Smile-Expo Organizes Betting in face of COVID-19 Online Conference

Publication date: 20 mar 2020

COVID-19 coronavirus is spreading across the world rapidly, causing the introduction of limitations in many states. In order to protect the public, governments of various countries imposed quarantine measures, closing shopping malls and restaurants, prohibiting mass gatherings and cultural, ...

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Smile-Expo Will Organize Betting in face of COVID-19 Online Conferences Dedicated to Betting Business Under the Quarantine

Publication date: 20 mar 2020

The spread of the dangerous COVID-19 coronavirus has led to announcing of pandemics and initiation of limitations by the governments of various countries. Quarantine and cancellation of public and sports events have been enacted to ensure safety of people. Nevertheless, economy, business and the ...

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Results of Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020: Two Expert Discussions and New Networking Types

Publication date: 17 mar 2020

On March 5, Smile-Expo held the second Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference in Belarus. The event features two panel discussions, speed dating sessions and a poker tournament by Gagarin.Partners. How did the event impress guests? Topics discussed by speakers The conference involved leading ...

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Attention! Smile-Expo Coming Events Are Moved Due to Ukraine’s Quarantine Restrictions

Publication date: 13 mar 2020

According to the World Health Organization, 132 567 people have come down with COVID-19 worldwide (68 324 of them have recovered) as of March 13, 2020. Currently, Ukraine has officially confirmed three cases of coronavirus infection. The country’s government and local authorities have approved...

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Smile-Expo to Hold Greece Gambling Conference on Greek Gambling Market

Publication date: 10 mar 2020

On April 29, Athens will host Greece Gambling Conference dedicated to the reorganization of the Greek gaming market, local industry prospects and the global gambling situation. The event will be useful to gambling company executives, marketing specialists, offline and online casino owners, ...

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W2 conference Moscow: Staff Health as a Key to Company Success and Profitability

Publication date: 06 mar 2020

On April 28, Russia will host w2 conference Moscow, an event dedicated to workplace wellness human resources. Speakers will talk about the efficient ways of personnel health improvement and its impact on businesses. Event speakers The conference will involve experienced executives, reputed HR ...

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Biohacking Conference Kyiv: The Conference About Modern Approaches To Health Improvement

Publication date: 28 feb 2020

Biohacking Conference Kyiv, event about the health and its recovery organized by Smile-Expo will take place on March 26. It will focus on the innovative methods of body improvement, active lifestyle prolongation and prevention of aging. Speakers of the event will include worldwide-renowned ...

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W2 conference Kyiv 2020: All About Tools for Efficient Corporate Team Development

Publication date: 25 feb 2020

Personnel well-being is a significant factor affecting the efficiency and profitability of businesses. Healthy, motivated and satisfied team members show high productivity and cope with relevant objectives better. Therefore, one should take measures for enhancing personnel health to develop ...

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Try a Telegram Channel From Smile-Expo and a New Sticker Pack With Smiler Fox

Publication date: 21 feb 2020

From now on, Smile-Expo has its official Telegram channel! Subscribe to stay tuned with key news about company events and more. The channel has been created for people who are working in the event management sector or looking forward to join. Here we share our event organizing experience, ...

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Productive Networking and Two Panel Discussions: What Waits for Attendees of Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020?

Publication date: 19 feb 2020

On March 5, Smile-Expo organizes Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020 in Belarus – the event dedicated to the growth of the gambling industry and prospects of affiliate marketing in iGaming. What is the event remarkable for? Who may find the event interesting? Invited online casino ...

Upcoming exhibitions


November 4 2020

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020 At KiAC 2020, top affiliates and gambling operators will gather to discuss new strategies of cooperation and efficient tools for promoting the gambling venues.

Biohacking Conference Kyiv

November 11 2020

Biohacking Conference Kyiv is an event dedicated to innovative approaches for saving youth, optimizing health and reaching longevity.

Ukrainian Gaming Week

26-27 of November 2020

Learn about the latest insights into the Ukrainian and global gambling market. Meet experts and like-minded people at the largest industry exhibition in the country.

w2 conference Kyiv

December 9 2020

The conference is dedicated to workplace health. How to better understand each other and organize work in the office without chaos and stress.