Client feedback on Smile-Expo events

About VAPEXPO SPB 2017

Saint Petersburg’s first VAPEXPO was also the first for us to be exhibitors. Previously, we just attended Moscow events. And the inner atmosphere impressed us a lot! Everything was well-organized and seamlessly operating. It is immediately obvious that the organizers are the team of professionals. No fuss. Everything is easy and with great mood. It is such a pleasure to work within this atmosphere! this exhibition, we presented our new e-liquid line called BLACK OUT and remained more than satisfied! We collected so many orders that it would require a month to process them. Thus, we will try not to miss further Smile-Expo events, because they boost business like nothing else.


Serafim, Team TRUNK
About VAPEXPO SPB 2017

Having attended VAPEXPO in Saint Petersburg, I obtained a flood of positive emotions. So many e-liquids, contests, giveaways. Unfortunately, Saint Petersburg device manufacturers were absent. And it's frustrating a bit, because the city has a lot of them. Many bloggers, perfect atmosphere – what else is required for such an excellent event? I’m sure that next VAPEXPOs in Saint Petersburg will bring together even more attendees and interesting stands.

Tony Tornado, Blogger
About Vapexpo Kiev 2017

We always come to VAPEXPO. We participated only in the Moscow exhibition before. This time we came to Ukraine. Your consumers liked us and we liked them. Everything’s great.

About Vapexpo Kiev 2017

It is cool here. We examined all Ukrainian events and chose this one. We spent two years looking for the best event and our choice was correct.

Jeff, Innevape
About Vapexpo Kiev 2017

This is one of the best events in terms of the vaping culture. As you might have noticed even on Sunday the exhibition was full of people. This is magnificent.

Alexander, Café Racer
About Vapexpo Kiev 2017

We most certainly liked it. We also took part in the previous exhibition. At VAPEXPO you can find plenty of useful contacts, show your products and see other brands’ offers. I guess it’s the only place where you can try everything.

Evgeniy, JWELL
About Vapexpo Kiev 2017

It is fun here. Another language, another currency but this is good. We had interpreters, we had a good time. Vapers here are more interested in our products. They learn about FLAWELESS devices. I like that our company feels good here.

JT, Flawaless
About Vapexpo Moscow December

The exhibition doubled. Lots of representatives from various countries: China, Canada, etc. It is wonderful that the market is growing and the number of exhibitors is increasing. I am impressed.

Yuri Grebenkin, VapeStudio
About Vapexpo Moscow December

It was really interesting to spend time in Moscow at VAPEXPO with Smile-Expo Company. I was impressed by what I saw. The way the industry has changed in several years is truly amazing. It was a very informative conference: all speakers made their contributions to tell guests more about vaping.

Michael Young, VapeEmporium
About Vapexpo Moscow December

I was shocked when I came in. Comparing to the previous year, the exhibition, probably, was three times bigger. Interesting foreign speakers. We learnt about the situation in the USA.  I will definitely visit VAPEXPO next year.


Alexander Varenikov, “Pari” (Vape)
About Ukrainian Vapor Week

It was our debut in exhibition format. We made the decision to participate quite late. Exhibition has exceeded all our expectations. The show program as well as the whole organization of the event – everything was made on the highest level.

Vladislav, Boneshaker
About Ukrainian Vapor Week

It was our first exhibition, so we have the brightest impressions. A lot of visitors were fascinated by our products. But as we were serving a big number of customers, we could not view the exhibition floor properly.

Pavel, JWELL
About 3D Print Expo Moscow

Thanks a lot to organizers for the exhibition! Especially, I would like to mark good advertising and high level of attendance in spite of weekdays. Cosplay contest and awards ceremony were a nice surprise as well. We wish you to have new creative ideas for the next exhibition and hope that the level of this event will be improving year after year!

Nikita Gavrilov, CEO REC
About 3D PRint Expo

We take part in the exhibition every year, and this time the organization of 3D Print Expo was on the highest level. Despite the fact that the exhibition was held during weekdays, organizers managed to gather a great number of people. When getting ready for the event, the team of Smile-Expo asked us what we would like to see this year. And we are glad that many of our wishes were factored in.

Kirill Yurkin, Head of Marketing at BQ Russia
About Ukrainian Vapor Week

We have been working with Smile Expo Company for the past six months or so. We have now participated in two of their shows. We were fortunate enough to attend in person Ukrainian Vape Week this past weekend. We are impressed by the level of professionalism and the effort put forth to create an event. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the experience. We plan on continuing to work with Smile Expo Company and attend future shows. Keep up the good work!

Brady Hill, Product Specialist, Simply Vapour
About Robotics Expo

Many thanks, I liked everything so much, you did a great job. Free move-in/ move-out through admission badges turned out to be very comfortable, and there were no jams – much better than the last year. I liked the robot-platform-truck from RobotsCity (which was ridden by guys) very much. In my opinion, it was the coolest and the most high-tech robot in the exhibition. I liked the fact that foreign companies were presented (including Chinese). And I would like to see more of them.

Damir Zainullin, Cofounder of Z-Robotics project
About Bitcoin Conference Russia

Bitcoin Conference Russia has made a very important step; it began to unify the Russian crypto community. We express our gratitude to the organizers, presenters and staff for the excellent organization of such a meeting. It has allowed personally communicating with a lot of entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of cryptocurrency, hearing the opinions of experts, asking them questions and making useful business contacts.

Ivan Tikhonov, founder of
About Vape Expo Kiev

VapExpo was a very well organized event. The Smile Team made us feel welcome and were very helpful to insure that our requests and needs were looked after. The business of Vape in Ukraine looks to be very good.  The number of smokers switching to vaping is increasing every day and with little to no legislation there it's an excellent country for the vape industry to grow.  The show itself was well promoted and attended - by both consumers and shops. 

Kurt Sonderegger, CEO/Founder Cafe Racer Vape
About Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Conference surprised me pleasantly by the quality of the invited audience and relevance of the performances. There aren’t many events that provide us with a little glimpse into the future of technologies, which can even affect this future to some extent.

Nikolay Rusanov, Representative of iRidium mobile in Russia and CIS
About Connected Cars Summit

Connected Car Summit proves that participants of Russian car market are interested in this sphere. One of the reasons for that is the desire to stand out and use the chance to get additional profit in a new market segment. It should also be noted that there are no successful and impressive cases on the Russian market and it is unlikely that they will be realized in the near future. In order to have projects with positive financial results, the industry participants have to be ready to take their first steps and be not afraid of making mistakes because they are inevitable.

Azamat Fattahov, Head of Automotive at BNP Paribas Cardif, Russia
About Ukrainian Vapor Week

We had a great experience with the organizers as well as the event. The venue was well organized and the layout and design of the space was well thought out. Vaping in Ukraine is just now taking off and we look forward to working again with Smile Expo team on future events in Ukraine

Kurt Sonderegger, Founder/CEO, Cafe Racer Vape Inc.
About 3D Print Expo

3D Print Expo is a great opportunity to display your products in this sphere and look at the development of other professionals. I am very glad that I have become a party to this event. The interest in our stand is a direct confirmation that 3D printing in Russia has a bright future. Your country has a great potential in the 3D industry, because I have seen a lot of young people: engineers, constructors and designers who are interested in and appreciate 3D printing technology.

Johann von Herwarth, head of international sales at BigR
About 3D Print Conference Almaty

3D Print Conference in Almaty was incredible! People asked, "What is special about 3D printing on the territory of a developing country like Kazakhstan? Developing countries sometimes take innovative technologies such as 3D printing to the next level faster than rich countries. Smile-Expo did a great job. It has well organized the event where professionals from different parts of the world shared their ideas and experiences. Many thanks to it for doing that!

Anton Vedeshin, co-owner of Secured 3d
About Wearable Tech

"The theme of portable devices and gadgets is really relevant. Intellectualization of ordinary things surrounding us is a stable trend and in the near future, we will see firsthand the real boom in this area. The Wearable Tech Conf platform is perfectly suited for the exchange of experience and demonstration of achievements. We hope that this event will be held on a regular basis and we will be happy to participate in it in the future. Many thanks to the organizers for their hard work.

Nikita Kalinowskiy, Director of Intek LLC
About RACE

Race exhibition has brought together on its platform a lot of professionals; it was interesting to communicate with them and develop relationships. It was important for us to communicate with partners personally and hear their feedback. Many thanks to the organizers of the exhibition!

Ivan Startsev, representative of Exness
About Crimea Gaming Congress

I would like to express my gratitude for organizing and hosting Crimea Gaming Congress at the highest level. The organizers gave an opportunity to meet representatives of the gambling and tourism business from not only Russia, but also Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Turkey. I am sure that this congress is only the first step of successful implementation of the bill on gambling zone in the Crimea.

Stanislav Mazhayka, development director of Yalta Intourist Hotel
About Social Networking Congress & Expo

SNCE grows from year to year and it is an indicator of the rightly chosen path. The SNCE's team manages to bring together like-minded people regularly who care about the future of online marketing. Keep it up!

Nikolay Syusko, director of business development at Affect
About Russian Gaming Week

This is a very large-scale exhibition and forum; one might even say a global scale. I see that people have come here being charged with positive energy. It is evident that they have something to share: experience and knowledge; everyone is involved in the process. There is a conference in parallel, someone is communicating in the hall of the exhibition. We have here a beautiful stand and promotions. We are very pleased with the participation in the exhibition.

Alena Romanova, representative of PariMatch
About 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg

Many thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to participate in a specialized conference. It's a real success to create such event in St. Petersburg, even on a small scale, but with a remarkable quality and pleasant public. I am pleased to take part in the next events on 3D print organized by Smile-Expo!


Alla Aspidova, representative of Ostec Group
About InnoTech

I was there only within one day - on Friday. I liked the following things: the level of organization, the level of representatives of the companies, the level of the exhibits. I was impressed by Max robot and by another "dancing" robot (Nao), electric vehicles and the hologram on the board. Children loved it! Thanks a lot. It is nice that in Ukraine there are events that bring together the entire community of modern technology.

Yuriy Kucherovskiy, Visitor of the event

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