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Reviews about Smile-Expo events in media 15.02.2018

Professional investors and traders, businessmen and lawyers, lawmakers and blockchain developers converged in an upmarket hotel ParkInn by Radisson Pulkovskaya located in Saint Petersburg. The event gathered all the interested in the crypto industry trends, ICO prospects and blockchain development. Blockchain Conference Saint Petersburg took place on February 13, 2018.

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November 15 was the starting date of the two-day Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia held in Moscow. The event comprised two sections: Product and FinTech. Besides, more than 60 companies showcased their products and technologies at the exhibition area. See the major information about the first day below. The main issues covered during the first day: potential of cryptocurrency development and risks connected to investing in them; risks and peculiarities of ICO running; trends and prospects of blockchain economy development; peculiarities of blockchain-based programs and practical cases of their application.

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Russian blogger 22/11/2017

The answer to this question was the main task of the sixth Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference hosted in Moscow on November 15-16. One doesn’t exaggerate speaking about the revolution in the realm of blockchain. The changes this industry went through during the recent year are global and massive even for such breakneck industry as IT, according to a technical evangelist at Microsoft Konstantin Goldstein. We witnessed a capitalization boom; the total volume of ICO investments over 10 months in 2017 is estimated at about $3 bn. Despite its record-breaking volatility, the bitcoin’s rate is constantly increasing. We can currently use the same number of Ethereum-based apps as AppStore offers. Blockchain tech is now being hunted by the leaders of the global industry: top IT companies, banks and exchanges, even the Big Four accounting firms are looking for ways of this technology application in own business.

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Russian blogger, 22/11/2017 04/12/2017

Robotics Expo is one of the major robotics exhibitions in Russia. It was held for the fifth time. On November 25-26, Sokolniki ECC in Moscow gathered 250 exhibitors, 40 speakers and more than 4000 attendees. The participants could take part in the workshops, hear the lectures, showcase own products to the jury and of course interact with robots. Robotics Expo is a unique platform interesting for both professionals and amateurs. You could come as a family and enjoy a day engaging in different activities. Those who work in the sphere of robotics observed new products, took part in the Startup Battle and conference discussions.

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During November 15 and 16, the sixth largest conference and exhibition related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies was held in Moscow (Russia), covering current issues such as business, investment, development or legislation. The conference was dedicated to the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the new type of investment: ICO, focusing mainly on two lines: “Financial segment” – blockchain in Fintech and Govtech. ICO from the perspective of investors and organizers. “Development” – technical aspect of the blockchain. Smart contracts and peculiarities of development in various blockchain platforms.

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Within two days, attendees of the exhibition area at Sokolniki ECC in Moscow enjoyed an opportunity to observe and examine all-kind robots. The event comprised the simplest machines and progressive smarties from the robotics realm, various drones, manned robotic devices and automatic assistants of human height, talkative promoters as well as taciturn hard workers and, of course, their manufacturers. The first day of Robotics Expo was dedicated to the role and prospects of robotics achievements in business.

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RNS 21/11/2017

According to RNS Head of GLONASS JSC Sergey Oksenyuk’s presentation at Connected Car Summit in Moscow, the number of cars with an inbuilt system of emergency response on the ERA-GLONASS road would increase by more than twofold – up to 3 m. He commented: “Depending on the economic state of the country, we count on the annual car growth at 1.3 m with an inbuilt emergency system. In general, we are ready to involve about 1.5 m cars in a year… Judging from the results of 2018, we can expect this index to reach 3 m.”

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RNS, 21/11/2017
Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia 21/11/2017

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Aleksandr Morozov participated in the Connected Car summit held at Sokolniki ECC under the working group called National Technology Initiative (NTI) AutoNet. During the event, the expert dwelled on the governmental support of cutting-edge technologies and services market based on intellectual systems. As reported by Aleksandr Morozov, NTI AutoNet is a platform to build and launch projects that would be used by the state while developing new industry supporting measures.

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Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, 21/11/2017 10/11/2017

Moscow hosted the fourth international exhibition Internet of Things dedicated to cutting-edge technologies. The conference took place on October 31-November 1 at Sokolniki ECC with 30 participating speakers including foreign experts. The event also consisted of an exhibition of startups for manufacturers to showcase home products. Their stands clearly demonstrated the impact of technologies on our life.

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Analytical Center experts took part in the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow, the largest event of its kind devoted to blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the CIS. During the conference, domestic and foreign experts talked about the market of cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, investments in tokens and about how to best integrate blockchain and business. On the first day of the conference, there were two parallel streams of presentations. The Financial Sphere stream was all about how to use blockchain and cryptocurrencies in business.

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Unilead News 07/10/2017

On October 4-5, Moscow hosted the 6th affiliate programs and marketing congress, RACE 2017, organized by an international company Smile Expo. Traditionally, it gathered all sorts of marketers, traffic managers and business owners. The event took place in Sokolniki Park, pavilion 7A. It occupied 2 floors and was divided into halls: Web master, Advertisers, Mobile & Traffic. Interesting presentations on new trends in affiliate marketing, future of the Indian CPA market, etc. were given in the Web master room. For example, Artem Prokofyev from the CPA partner said that any business should be represented in social networks today, otherwise you can go find yourself a place in the backyard of the industry.

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Unilead News, 07/10/2017
INNMIND 09/10/2017

ICO as a revolutionary way of fundraising for startups made a breakthrough and pushed aside the conservative and costly venture industry. It attracted attention and gave hope to thousands of start-ups all around the world. As a young and developing way of raising funds, ICO has its downsides, which startups inevitably face. And the opinion of experts, who already have experience in this area, is often the only thing that can save them.

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INNMIND, 09/10/2017 22/09/2017

The presentation of Yuri Parsamov, head marketer at the crowdfunding blockchain platform KICKICO, was dedicated to promoting ICO. His main advice is competent targeting. The more clearly the team determines its target audience, the more effective will the project marketing be. Founder of the blockchain based platform for social studies and forecasts Oris, Alexander Kolokhmatov, spoke about the criteria for ICO project success and analyzed the cryptocurrency market. He predicted that by mid-December, bitcoin will grow in price to $8,000, and then fall down back to $4,700.

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theRunet 22/09/2017

Moscow hosted a conference dedicated to token placement - ICO event Moscow. 10 speakers from Russia and other countries shared their experience and in total, the event was attended by more than three hundred guests. Vladimir Popov, a blockchain enthusiast and author of two books on ICO, dedicated his presentation to giving advice on scum identification. He also mentioned legislative problems.

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theRunet, 22/09/2017
Forbes 29/09/2017

The thing that crypto anarchists were doing in the 1980s, has come into our lives and is rapidly gaining its value. You can deny progress, you can consider digital life a devil’s child or a new “bubble”. But one thing is for sure: blockchain technology is here to stay and it fundamentally changes many branches of the world economy right now. These thoughts were discussed on the stage and on the sidelines of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty, which was held yesterday, September 28, in Almaty. At the event, dozens of companies presented already working blockchain cases.

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Forbes, 29/09/2017
BanklessTimes 29/06/2017

The following is a post by Smile-Expo’s Marina Kryzhevska, one of the organizers of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series. Ms. Kryzhevska provides a summary of their latest event held on June 22 in St. Petersburg. On Thursday, June 22, St. Petersburg hosted a large conference dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg. The event, to which tickets were sold out one week prior to the end of registration, featured 18 speakers from Russia and other countries. They focused on blockchain development in banking, regulation issues, and a popular topic – ICO realization by blockchain startups.

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BanklessTimes, 29/06/2017
BitcoinGarden 29/06/2017

On Thursday, 22nd June, St. Petersburg hosted a large conference dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg. The event tickets to which were sold out one week prior to the end of registration featured 18 speakers from Russia and other countries. They focused on blockchain development in banking, regulation issues as well as a popular topic – ICO realization by blockchain startups. Over half a thousand people took part in a conference and a demo zone.

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BitcoinGarden, 29/06/2017 21/06/2017

On June 7-8, Moscow hosted the 11th International exhibition and forum Russian Gaming Week. The event was focused on the most topical issues of the year: new legislative acts, progress of the first Russian gambling zones operation, eSports in the betting sector and the upcoming football world championship. For 11 years of its existence, Russian Gaming Week has become a remarkable event in the gaming sector of the CIS countries. In 2017, the exhibition and forum was attended by more than 2500 people from Russia and abroad.

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VapeNews 20/06/2017

Hello to the readers of the best online portal about vaping – VapeNews! We have survived the exhibition period and are ready to share some photos from Vape Expo, held on June 16-18 in “Sokolniki”, with you. The weather left much to be desired but these fabulous girls created the atmosphere of hot southern summer and gladdened us with their lively dancing.

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VapeNews, 20/06/2017
vapenews 18/06/2017

The event was truly hot because on this day judges defined winners of an awesome tournament WSOV who got titles of the best cloudchasers in the country, cool mods by Sub Ohm Innovations and the prize pool of 200 000 RUB! The day also featured a long-awaited final King of Cloud Russia Tour winners of which got 5500 dollars! All day long, vapers had a chance to talk to the top bloggers in the blogger zone!

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vapenews, 18/06/2017
vapenews 18/06/2017

On June 16, “Sokolniki” hosted the jubilee international exhibition of the vape industry VAPEXPO Moscow 2017! Let’s remember how it was!
Demo zone
The USA, Europe, China, Malaysia, Canada! No, it’s not the world’s map – these are countries VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 exhibitors came from! Manufacturers brought the latest devices, the tastiest e-juices and the most original vape accessories to gladden vapers!

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vapenews, 18/06/2017 08/06/2017

You can meet not only fans but also quest developers at the Moscow forum. The head of VR Quest №1 Ilyas Domnin said that lots of people who are trying VR for the first time can feel nauseous. A 3D image is projected in the headset which creates an illusion of immersion. A person undertakes tasks with the help of arms’ motions in the real-time mode. Hearing, eyesight and sometimes olfaction and haptic perception are also used during the game.

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VapeShow organized by Smile-Expo Company in “Sokolniki” was one of the main events in the vape industry this spring. “Russian Vape” and “VapeShow” dedicated to the vape culture were quite successful. Nevertheless, VapeShow was much better than the first exhibition taking into account the amount of booths and visitors.

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On April 28, Moscow hotel “Mercure Paveletskaya” hosted the third M-Health Congress 2017. The organizer of the event – Smile-Expo Company – is planning on making the congress annual and expand each year. The conference was dedicated to telemedicine novelties, various gadgets which can be used on a daily basis benefiting your health thanks to scientists and young startup founders.

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In 2018, Russia might legalize bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in order to combat illegal transactions, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev in an interview with Bloomberg on April 10. Two days later the Moscow business newspaper, Vedomosti, citing a Central Bank official, reported (in Russian) that the regulator and other ministries are developing a joint position on the status of cryptocurrencies, and will determine how to regulate them.

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On April 19, this year’s largest Bitcoin & Blockchain conference attended by many notable players in the blockchain industry from around the world was held in Moscow. The event brought together about a thousand people, which may be considered a record, taking into consideration the fact that the previous conference had been attended by about 500 people.

During the event, the audience could attend presentations of such speakers as Ariel Gabizon (Founder at Zcash), Valeriy Vavilov (Bitfury), Alejandro De La Torre (, Duncan Johnston-Watt (Hyperledger), Marco Streng (Genesis Mining), Konstantin Goldstein (Microsoft), John Quinn ( and many other state and business representatives.

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia 2017, which took place at Digital October on April 19, turned out to be crowded and promising. Smile Expo was the organizer. Michael Chobanian, founder at Kuna Bitcoin Agency, in his introductory speech said as follows: "The more numerous we are, the more government and regulatory authorities we involve. I experienced this in my country.”

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The fifth Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia was held at Digital October on February 19. At the conference, the main issues of blockchain technology and various cryptocurrencies were discussed. What is blockchain platform? How to benefit from its operation? Does the blockchain system have to be regulated by the authorities? These questions were answered by the speakers within their presentations on the legal, commercial and legislative aspects of the blockchain platform.

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MailOnline 04/03/2017

Hundreds of Russian e-cigarette smokers descended on Saint Petersburg this weekend to take party in the city's first ever event dedicated to vaping.

Women with tattoos and brightly-coloured hair were among those showing off their vaping skills at the Vapexpo Spb exhibition at the Lenexpo conference centre.

The event, which is dedicated to the vaping industry, offered electronic cigarette fans the chance to try out different brands of devices and e-liquids, as well as to improve their vaping skills.

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MailOnline, 04/03/2017
Skolkovo ECC 07/03/2017

Emotional polemic between Igor Burenkov, Roscosmos official representative, and Sergey Ivanov, CEO at Dauria, has shown once again at previous Moscow InSpace Forum: government and private space exploration are still quite asunder.

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Skolkovo ECC, 07/03/2017 23/12/2016

Within 5-7 years, all cars in Russia will be equipped with multisysem satellite navigation. The Moscow exhibition center ECC Sokolniki held a Connected Car Summit dedicated to the connected car technologies organized by Smile-Expo and GLONASS. A round table dedicated to the development of startup projects in the field of connected cars, a panel discussion and a lecture hall were separate sections of the summit program.

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On December 9-10, a huge number of both foreign and Russian companies visited Vapexpo that was held at ECC Sokolniki in Moscow. In this video ViVA la Cloud gives us a general view on the event.

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Seeing new people and showing oneself, trying new tastes of eliquids, new box mods and mech mods, making selfie with popular vape bloggers, and of course snatching a piece of freebies. That is how winter Vapexpo 2016 in Moscow looked like.

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In late November, Moscow hosted the third international AR Conference and exhibition dedicated to the technologies of augmented and virtual reality. Our partners from T-24 channel visited it to share their impressions of the conference and speak about some of not so obvious for gamers prospects of VR and AR Development.

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On November 17-18, ECC Sokolniki hosted the largest in Eastern Europe exhibition of advanced technologies for 3D printing and scanning.

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, 19/11/2016

On November 17-18, ECC Sokolniki hosted IV International Exhibition 3D PRINT EXPO 2016, where the latest advances of additive technologies were presented. In comparison with the last year, the number of visitors and exhibitors has increased almost twice. The exhibition featured over 50 booths of distributors and manufacturers of materials and equipment for 3D printing and scanning from different countries.

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VEGETARIAN 06.11.2016

The fact that the future is already here could be witnessed by the visitors of the Smart Food and Geek Garden exhibition, which was held at one of the pavilions of ECC Sokolniki on November 4-6 this year.

The uniqueness of this large-scale international event lies in the fact that for the first time not only manufacturers gathered under one roof but also the latest equipment for the home cultivation of vegetables and fruits (those that we used to buy in shops and markets) was presented along with the latest kitchen gadgets that make haute cooking accessible for any housewife.

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VEGETARIAN, 06.11.2016
MosPravda 08/11/2016

For the first time in Russia, ECC Sokolniki hosted a unique exhibition of innovative techniques and technologies for the preparation and cultivation of food - Smart Food & Geek Garden 2016. The exhibition area was divided into sectors, each of which represented the latest achievements of modern science and nanotechnology, as well as the latest developments of talented young scientists.

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MosPravda, 08/11/2016 04/11/2016

Moscow hosts IV International exhibition of robotics and advanced technology - Robotics Expo 2016. Artificial Intelligence is ready today to brighten up the loneliness of people by replacing the waiter in the bar and help with the housework.

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CoinNewsAsia 20.10.2015

The first Armenian Gaming Forum organized by Smile-Expo will become an important event for everyone involved into gambling. On the 19 of November, Erevan will gather casino and poker clubs equipment manufacturers, betting software developers, payment systems representatives, as well as interested investors.

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CoinNewsAsia, 20.10.2015
Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru. 20.11.2015

Robotics Expo 2014 is the second exhibition on robotics and advanced technologies, which will take place in Moscow on November 27-29 at Sokolniki ECC. The event has a unique format and is focused on the business audience, namely people who are directly involved in the robotics market and the end users who are keen on modern technologies and robotics and are open-minded.

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Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru., 20.11.2015
APPS4ALL 10.02.2015

Moscow Application & Technology Expo 2015 - all innovations in one place! You have a great opportunity to display your ideas and designs, or become a guest of such a grand event!

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APPS4ALL, 10.02.2015 24.02.2015

The Internet of Things is conquering Russiahe Internet of Things is different from all previous market technologies; it will not only affect our lives, but also radically change them providing an infinite number of possibilities for users, entrepreneurs and investors," the conference curator Tatiana Tishchenko told

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Gazeta.Ru 19.03.2015

It should be noted that this event has taken place in Moscow for the third year in a row and this time it has brought together under one roof more than 3.5 thousand people. Among them are company executives, successful start-ups, heads of departments and experts from such successful companies like Intel, Google, Samsung, Cisco, Vkontakte, and Yandex.

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Gazeta.Ru, 19.03.2015
RG.RU 02.11.2015

Within the exhibition, they will hold robotics competitions in the Olympic format. In addition, there will be held entertainment robots show and copters fights. Moreover, even very young visitors will not be left without attention. They will get a chance to experiment with the creation of a robot.

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RG.RU, 02.11.2015

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