W2 Conference Moscow – Event About Employee Well-Being and Success of the Business

Publication date: 31 jan 2020

W2 Conference Moscow – Event About Employee Well-Being and Success of the Business

On April 28, Smile-Expo will host the first w2 conference Moscow. Event will be dedicated to workplace wellness – improvement of the physical and mental health of employees on the workplace.

What will the speakers talk about?

We’ll discuss the development and implementation of programs focused on health and wellbeing support for employees working at the companies in various sectors. According to the research of Marsh and Mercer, 87% of 113 surveyed companies in Russia have integrated at least one WW program over the last three years.

As part of the conference, experienced specialists will tell how to improve physical, mental and financial health of the personnel. They will review practical cases of increasing the satisfaction from the working conditions and the influence of this factor on business success.

Event program will feature four blocks:

  • Physical Health. As part of this section, specialists will address the issue of a healthy workplace and established stereotypes. We’ll talk about corporate events designed for health improvement and promoting the healthy lifestyle.
  • Mental Health. This block will be dedicated to the development of stress resistance of employees, as well as the importance of emotional support. Experts will also analyze the influence of technologies on mental health in the team.
  • Financial Wellbeing. Speakers will address the influence of financial stress on human psychological state and the importance of employee financial health support. We’ll focus on health insurance programs, decreasing of sick leave costs, as well the importance of WW programs for ROI and VOI.
  • Social Wellbeing. Experts will talk about the correlation of workplace wellness and the career, acknowledgement and relations in the team. Learn about the strategies of communication with remote employees and ways to ensure their work wellbeing.

Experts will tell about the current trends of health preservation at the companies, providing examples of a successful integration of WW strategies in Russia and overseas. Besides, speakers will explain how to evaluate the efficiency of employee wellbeing programs.

Who should attend the conference?

Results of the survey made by Marsh and Mercer analytics show that most of WW programs focus on helping the personnel in tacking the existing problems. But due to the global development of workplace wellness, the key attention is shifting towards the systematic approach to prevention of various risks at the workplace. Thus, the number of specialists involved in the improvement of the corporate well-being is expanding extensively.

Representatives of various segments will benefit from learning about the WW initiatives, so the event will be interesting to:

  • company executives;
  • wellbeing directors;
  • happiness managers;
  • workplace mental health consultants;
  • HR managers;
  • specialists working in the corporate liability sector;
  • authors of the business literature and many other professionals.

Read more details and the conference program on the official website ►►►

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