W2 conference Kyiv 2020: All About Tools for Efficient Corporate Team Development

Publication date: 25 feb 2020

W2 conference Kyiv 2020: All About Tools for Efficient Corporate Team Development

Personnel well-being is a significant factor affecting the efficiency and profitability of businesses. Healthy, motivated and satisfied team members show high productivity and cope with relevant objectives better. Therefore, one should take measures for enhancing personnel health to develop successfully a company. Workplace Wellness programs provide all the necessary tools for this challenging task.

Workplace Wellness is the global trend in staff management and high-performing team building. It implies events aimed at improving employees’ prosperity as well as increasing their productivity and engagement.

On March 17, Smile-Expo will hold w2 conference Kyiv 2020 dedicated to the Workplace Wellness application. As part of the event, experienced specialists from different sectors will talk about the relation between personnel well-being and business success. They will highlight the concept of the corporate culture that helps to unlock the potential of each team member and multiply company profit.

The conference will be useful to entrepreneurs, top managers, heads of subsidiaries, internal communications managers, HR specialists, psychologists, coaches and everyone striving for career growth and leading positions.

Event program

Attendees will be able to enjoy interactive lectures and practical exercises. Presentations will be made by representatives of Kernel, Genesis, Bitrix24 and other companies.

Experts will share secrets of workplace health maintenance and explain how to create conditions for enhancing the outcome of employees and business performance. They will introduce tools for reducing stress, boosting personnel motivation and involvement. Besides, professionals will focus on efficient methods of performance improvement and case studies of corporate health program implementation.

The conference will involve the following speakers:

  • Alina Bazhenova, strategic marketer and founder of FUTURE Trend Book. She will stress the specific features of millennials and Generation Z. The speaker will tell the audience how to make employees of different ages happy and prevent their quit.
  • Yanina Volovyk, Internal Communications Specialist at Genesis. She will examine the development of the internal communications system and its role in business advancement. The expert will discuss internal communications channels of Genesis and potential challenges occurring while working on this issue.
  • Natalia Kulchitskaya, Head of HR at Kernel. She will give insight into the favorable delegation of authorities. The speaker will explain what tasks can be delegated as well as what mistakes and problems team members can face when transferring some of their functions or responsibilities to their colleagues.
  • A collaborative presentation will be made by Yuliia Holovko and Anton Novakovskyi, People Advisory Managers at EY’s Ukrainian subsidiary. They will focus on the Total Rewards concept, emphasizing the application of this tool on the Ukrainian market. Speakers will also mention the interrelation between financial well-being and productivity of workers.
  • Dmytro Suslov, Director of Ukrainian Bitrix24. He will unveil the role of the corporate culture in the company’s development and specify why employees reflect the executive’s activity. The professional will clarify how companies can find the most appropriate skilful specialists.

You can discover more about conference speakers on the official website.

Join the event in order to obtain a unique opportunity to learn about efficient tools for building high-performing teams and bringing businesses to a new level.

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