Blockchain International Show London 2018

Token Economy: What Is It and How Does It Operate? ICO CROWD Editor In Chief Is Going to Explain

Publication date: 19 apr 2018

Token Economy: What Is It and How Does It Operate? ICO CROWD Editor In Chief Is Going to Explain

Digital token economy is now integrated in our life and influences different market spheres. Some people highlight its disruptive powers, others emphasize its positive impacts. How does ICO token economy actually work and what is Smart Internet of tokens? Ismail Malik, an editor in chief at ICO CROWD, will give details during his presentation at the Blockchain International Show London.

The expert will give a speech on the topic “ICO Token Economy is the price”.

Main points of the speech:

  • the Token economy;
  • token generations events;
  • Smart Internet of Tokens.

The speaker has a very broad experience in the ICO industry. Apart from being the editor in chief at ICO CROWD, he is also a founder and CEO of BlockchainLab, supply chain consultant at ChainX, and the co-founder of CoinViral and CoinDesk. He started his career with start-ups in late 1980s and from that time, he used to work as an editor in chief at Bitcoin Entrepreneurs, gained experience in telecommunications sphere and chains of the blockchain Credits creation.

Ismail Malik currently specializes in strategic management, cryptocurrencies, mobile services, creation and promotion of business solutions and mobile and web services. The speaker is an expert inalternative finance industry and eMoney sourcing, contracting and acquisition. Being in the top 100 representatives of the crypto community, Ismail is the trusted and reliable specialist in the sphere.

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