Smile-Expo Will Organize Betting in face of COVID-19 Online Conferences Dedicated to Betting Business Under the Quarantine

Publication date: 20 mar 2020

Smile-Expo Will Organize Betting in face of COVID-19 Online Conferences Dedicated to Betting Business Under the Quarantine

The spread of the dangerous COVID-19 coronavirus has led to announcing of pandemics and initiation of limitations by the governments of various countries. Quarantine and cancellation of public and sports events have been enacted to ensure safety of people. Nevertheless, economy, business and the betting industry have come at risk.

Betting in face of COVID-19 online conferences from Smile-Expo are focused on the best strategies of operating a betting business in the coronavirus environment.

  • Event dedicated to fighting crisis on the CIS market will take place on April 16. The official language is Russian.

  • On April 17, event dedicated to the European market will welcome the users with English as the official language.

Experts of both online conferences will present successful cases of fighting the current crisis and forecasts for the future market development.

Key topics:

  • Crisis management under the quarantine: actions of top betting providers.

  • How esports is helping the betting companies to stay in the game.

  • Sportsbook in the match cancelling environment: betting.

  • Best traffic sources during the coronavirus pandemics.

Betting in face of COVID-19 for the CIS market will present a review of the Russian betting segment in the environment of a new law limiting betting on non-sports events. It will be completed with a brief survey of the gambling legislation in CIS.

Betting in face of COVID-19 for the European market will feature experts explaining how to save the decreasing stock value of betting companies as well as the influence of rescheduling matches on the industry, with forecasts from the international sports associations. Event will include the battle of three industries: traditional sports, esports and fantasy sports after the quarantine.

Speakers of online conferences will include the leaders of the betting market, gambling operators, developers of betting solutions, representatives of the international sports associations, affiliates and lawyers.

Join Betting in face of COVID-19 in order to learn about the current state of betting market and strategies of overcoming the crisis in the comfortable online atmosphere!

Registration to the event will open soon.

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