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Autumn in Sweden: the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm to be held in September

Publication date: 11 jun 2018

Autumn in Sweden: the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm to be held in September

On September 11, Smile-Expo will once again hold Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm – a large-scale event dedicated to the crypto industry. During the conference, the world's leading crypto experts will gather in the Swedish capital for the second time to discuss the latest changes in the blockchain industry.

Cryptocurrency in Sweden

The population of Sweden has almost completely switched to electronic payments and practically doesn’t use cash, so the Central Bank of Riksbank offered to introduce the national cryptocurrency titled E-Krona. The concept is being developed for about two years, and the project is planned to be launched in 2019.

It is known that the cryptocurrencies in Sweden are recognized by the state and are on equal footing with the traditional currencies, and since 2016 ownership rights on the land are registered through blockchain.

Last year, our event aroused great interest among the speakers and the audience, so we will gather the blockchain experts for the second time to discuss changes in the blockchain industry.

Issues to be discussed

The main topics of the conference will be the prospects of the cryptocurrency business in Sweden and the main trends in the field of blockchain. Experts will tell about the integration of decentralized technologies in the banking and healthcare systems, as well as about ICO trends.

During the event, attendees will be able to enjoy a demo zone, where the companies will present their innovative developments. There will be also networking, which will help to find new partners and make beneficial agreements.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm will open the autumn season of our conferences. Then, blockchain conference by Smile-Expo will be held in Kyiv, Baku, Switzerland and Belarus.

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