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New format of blockchain event: Blockchain International Show London to take place in June

Publication date: 29 mar 2018

New format of blockchain event: Blockchain International Show London to take place in June

On June 6-7, we will hold a unique event in London – Blockchain International Show London. It will bring together specialists interested in blockchain technologies (developers, software architects, marketers) as well as entrepreneurs and investors.   

Blockchain in the UK

Analysts believe that every oncoming year can become critical for blockchain. The technology, currently known as the Internet of Value, is rapidly developing. This process is mostly dynamic in countries with a high development level of technologies and financial system. It refers to Switzerland, Estonia, and Germany in the European Union and London in the UK, which is considered to be Europe’s financial hub.       

As of today, the UK has announced several national projects to integrate blockchain in various sectors.  

1. A distributed ledger in the Department for Constitutional Affair. Blockchain will allow to verify digital evidence. Video materials and photos taken by law enforcement officers will be stored in blockchain where they cannot be changed, which will make them persuasive evidence in court.  

2. Blockchain for the land registry. In April 2017, the UK Land Registry announced an initiative called Digital Street: its implementation will allow to change the ownership of property almost immediately. Blockchain is one of the technical abilities for putting it into action.          

3. Cryptocurrency for the Royal Mint. Tokens called Royal Mint Gold (RMG) are backed by gold: one token is equal to one gram of precious metal. The Mint is going to return investors’ interest in gold investments.       

According to Kay Swinburne, a Member of the European Parliament for Wales, the development of blockchain technologies will help London to gain a status of financial status after Brexit. Addressing the Bank of England, she called on to implement blockchain and develop a modern concept of financial system.     

Nowadays, the UK has a regulatory sandbox for startups engaged in the fintech sector and offering blockchain-based solutions. But in general, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sits on the fence in terms of distributed ledger technology. A scenario of ICO regulation and blockchain company operations may change any moment. 

Platform for uniting industry participants 

Blockchain International Show London is bringing together industry participants in order to discuss crucial issues and to elaborate common solutions. Experts’ presentations will clear up complex issues and find the best possible strategies for business operations.     

The event will involve Sally Eaves, a business mentor and the head of UK Young Leaders Programme; Kambiz Djafari, the head of blockchain project; Michael Mainelli, a blockchain technology specialist, the head of blockchain educational courses, and the head of consulting company, as well as other experts.  

Since 2014, the date of our first blockchain and cryptocurrency conference, we have conducted more than 30 events dedicated to this sector, including ICO Event London (October 2017) arousing much interest of industry participants. In 2018, we are entering the world stage by holding blockchain events not only in the CIS countries and Europe but also in Southeast Asia and Australia. Blockchain International Show London is a step towards the expansion of both geography and format of conferences. 

Details about speakers and program can be found on the website of Blockchain International Show London.  

Online registration and tickets are already available!


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