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Which brands will Vape Guys Distribution present? (vol.1)

Publication date: 04 dec 2018

Which brands will Vape Guys Distribution present? (vol.1)

You must remember that we promised to tell about the e-liquids that Vape Guys Distribution would bring as an exhibitor. We have kept our word! Here is the first list of brands from the team. 

Cola Man – unique and unparalleled cola 

This company was desperately seeking for cola flavor beloved by everyone but could not find it. Therefore, it developed such an e-juice on its own! 

Cola Man not only repeats the taste of cola but also has bubbles, so it truly resembles soda. It was hard to achieve such a result but they did it and now Cola Man is perhaps the only e-liquid with cola flavor in the market.  

Dinner Lady – bottled nostalgia 

Dinner Lady was founded in the UK and just in a year has acquired a whole distributor network all around the world. Today flavors of Dinner Lady are available in 80 countries. 

The idea of building a company and developing the best dessert e-liquids was inspired by the nostalgia for desserts that were insanely popular in the UK and US in 1970s and 80s. Dinner Lady believes that nostalgia can be bottled and proves it every day. 

GUSHER – exclusively from New York 

Born in the heart of New York, this new brand will be unveiled at VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 for the first time. GUSHER is a powerful orgy of flavor. Anyone who tries one of five blends will feel it, as the best mixologists in New York created them. 

The team of GUSHER believe that soon their brand will establish itself in the global vape market. After presenting their product in Russia, the brand will soon introduce itself in Europe, South America, and other global platforms of vaping.  

DRPY FRUIT – an ambitious chewing gum 

DRPY FRUIT is a brand that has recently entered the US market but has huge ambitions. The line is made of three flavors and each of them is well elaborated and refined to the finest details. As a result, DRPY FRUIT managed to create ideal blends with chewing gum flavor. 

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