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Speakers of Biohacking Conference Moscow to Tell How to Prolong Life and Improve Its Quality

Publication date: 24 jul 2019

Speakers of Biohacking Conference Moscow to Tell How to Prolong Life and Improve Its Quality

On September 19, Smile-Expo will hold Biohacking Conference Moscow where experienced biohackers, doctors, and PhDs will share their expert opinions. The event is dedicated to the anti-aging and comprehensive revealing of human biological potential.

The biohacking concept includes a whole complex of actions aimed at improving the body condition and slowing down aging. This movement became popular in Russia after a publication by Serge Faguet, describing his science-based experience in changing body performance.

Participants of Biohacking Conference Moscow will discuss how modern scientific discoveries and advanced technologies help to enhance health indicators and allow people to live much longer. The conference will involve such experts as well-known diet developers, fitness coaches, cardiologists, physical therapists, and biohackers who will share their experience.

What will guests discover?

Attendees of Biohacking Conference Moscow will obtain tips on the proper taking of vitamins, organizing a sleep pattern, beneficial diet, as well as will see a set of backbone strengthening exercises.

Besides, conference guests will find out:

  • differences between biohacking and healthy lifestyle;
  • how to upgrade a body in a safe way;
  • how much a proper diet and sleep pattern can prolong life;
  • how intermittent fasting affects the human body;
  • the concept of nootropics and their impact on brain activity;
  • doctors’ opinion about biohacking.

They event will also allow visitors to discover the cost of certain types of biohacking, whether it is possible to improve the body with a minimum budget, and how to take a systematic approach to this issue.

Who will speak at the event?

Biohacking Conference Moscow will involve Greg Potter (UK), a well-known biohacker and MSc in exercise physiology. He will make a presentation about chronobiology and explain how the time of food intake affects health.

Elena Milova, a psychologist, business coach, and biohacking enthusiast, will focus on biohacking motivation and tell the audience how long modern people desire to live.

Stanislav Skakun, a world-renowned biohacker, will provide detailed information about the Quantified self movement (Self-digitization). The expert will describe why people collect hundreds of their body characteristics and how they allow to decrease your biological age.

Hannu Kinnunen, Chief Scientific Officer at Ōura, will highlight how portable devices help people to become healthier and live longer.

Moreover, the conference will engage Timofey Glinin (Head of the Brainstorm Neurostimulator project) who will examine ways of brain upgrade, Nataly Lugovskikh (overall world champion in bikini fitness) with a presentation on appropriate physical exercises, dietarian Roman Malkov who will disclose secrets of keeping health at the elderly age, and many others.

Conference organizer

Biohacking Conference Moscow is held by Smile-Expo, an international company specializing in the organization of forums, exhibitions, and events dedicated to innovative technologies.

A detailed program and registration are available on the event official website.

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